Who Am I to Say

Poetry Who Am I to Say


Who am I to say my God

my God under my religion only

not yours

He is The One True God in all religions –all peoples–

Tears of fear-no peace-cries out

soaking us with shivers of doubt

we do judgments-not fair – stay clear

need stability – true self

with God have no fear

peace-rests in it

conflict inevitable at times

patience with yourself — others

tell God feelings, hurts, thoughts

love of God we have – feel it, saturate your mind

peace in our hearts lives.


Pray to OUR God

Pray in numbers with all

ability to do the things we were called to do.

We are important to him.

Let God’s love shine through us to one another. Gives peace to the world.

Peace the world needs.


God has different names different faiths

different religions

Yes, different locations of people

different nationalities etc.…


But one Creator blest

Our true God–we have God to share WOW are we RICH to say I believe

What are your God faith stories?



Hear mine would you?

hear yours I want.


Who are you? – a child of the most high God .

Who am I? – a child of the most high God.



We rejoice together

wait two different religions- more religions

Oh! One God with many different names blessed we are to have our God– each other

differences are beautiful

that is why they make chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

Joy of it all we can share our similarities/differences creativity and such

our hearts, ears, souls to touch

God wants us to

would you–could you share with me?

I need to hear

I do not know until you tell me

neither do you know until I tell you.

Let us share have peace compassion with one another — all concerned

sounds like all blessings on earth lots of stories.


We are made in the image of our God –  love – agape – for all- in all- about all.



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