Update consolidating

Welcome friend,

Updating you on consolidating my writing on the blog I have this blog rosaryandRedSox.com have another blog I’m starting. The other site is more diverse it will have other things going on with it not just my life story.


Consolidating this blog to: http://donnamaria.org/ I hope to see you there.

[bctt tweet=”Consolidating this blog to: http://donnamaria.org/ I hope to see you there. #blogger” username=”donnamarie0503″]

There is a page on that blog called rosary and Red Sox. I’m not sure when imports going to happen. When you go there you will see it.


So, for a special treat I’m hoping to do sign-up to the and other blog. The treats I have here attached to this post is a newsletter that will be happening I’m not sure if it every other month or every three months on the other site. Please write in the comments below what you like I want to hear from you.

Thank you bunches for being with me and stand by me I appreciate.

Yes, the other blog is going to be a stained-glass and love sustains us. The theme is love/faith. Staying consistant with the Theme.


You’re my friend has God bless you.

God loves you!!!

Love sustains us. God is love. His Spirit is in us.


Here you go The treat. I am sure you going to love it. Let me know! See soon. dm.org blog-newsletter-w-no-background-july-7 usinfg on post R&R update


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