Update Blogging buddies :) 8 steps that I will be doing on my blog

Update Friends,

quote my on writing fatih 3

Just to give you a quick up date on how my book is coming. Well, it is moving. Slowly but surely. I believe I have all of the poems finished and trying to get the prose done as well. That is what is taking longer than I thought.  I decided to add prose. In the beginning, I think I said only poems. But felt it needed something else.

I cannot give you all a date it will be finish, but I am saying by my word that it will be finished by the end of the summer beginning of the Autumn. How is that? I know you all will love it. It will be a chapbook as I explained before. Those are samplings of someones work.

I am looking forward to hearing from you on what you think. Also, I will be adding a email subscription button to my site so you all can sign up.

Now on to problem solving you can all listen to that would be great and help. Please comment below.

Just one other thing the Novena I mentioned is in the works. I will be updating all of you about what is going on with my life.  Writing about my everyday life, conditions; strokes, Lyme, cognitive stuff., Multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) some fun stuff etc… Also, finishing the everyday inspirational class at blogging university.  I am not scattered just want to share and educate all of you.  Well, let us see humm. ugh! long sigh… Somewhat of a lot is it not? Oh yes and my faith.  Maybe what I need to do is what Francis of Assisi said “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible”.

quote st francis

Okay plan:

  1. Life Stories
  2. Finishing chapbook
  3. Finishing Blogging University Class Everyday Inspiration
  4. Novena.
  5. Of course in and inbetween all of that visit all the wonderful blogging friends I have on thier blog, twitter, facebook….etc..  Sound like a more reasonable plan.
  6. and of course my prayers for all concerned here and always.
  7. rest & relaxtion and having a spendid time with all of you always.

What I will do is give you all splendid content on updating my life stories. Finish my chapbook. Do and finish blogging university class.  Then the novena you will love we will enjoy together. Sounds like a plan

You all are wonderful I am so glad you have stayed with me knowing my setbacks and all. Looking forward to posting again. Cheers please leave a comment below.  Blessings you all.


God Loves You!!!

God is paradise. We are His to soar in His grace and mercy.


    • thank you it is always great to hear from you and i am looking forward to the final project too:) blessings slowly but surely it will be done. u knpow what i mean. Blessings

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