There may be a Silent Epidemic in America Causing Disabilities

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As I have written before about my many illnesses I am just carrying it out … And, through my posting mostly stroke stuff. Which is big… Moving forward now. This does not need to be said but I did oops. Brain quirk hmm I am not sure… but  I include an article I wrote back in 2012. Which actually I did post awhile back.  I will move forward from that article soon but I wanted to at least start. Writing my memoir by hand has more info I do want to share if I can. But when I put the final manuscript together it will have more juicer details in it.  And, Along with other blogger friends posts in my blog though.   I wrote this article for Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission newsletter Consumer’s voice. I am sure you will love it.  Please like, comment below. Love to hear all. Thank you for the visit blessings.

There may be a silent epidemic in America causing disabilities

I have written before about myself and my health history.  Part of that health history includes strokes that have no known cause.  Before the strokes started in 2008, for many years I struggled with pain in different parts of my body, especially the in the area of the neck and back. At times it was debilitating for days, weeks or even months. That pain has continued for years.

A LITTLE thing like this can cause much harm

I also began having food allergies/sensitivities. This grew into environmental allergies and a diagnosis of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS).  I often developed recurrent infections three different ones at the same time.  Many other random symptoms developed not related to infection or strokes.

I’ve had about 15 strokes in about three years, both hemorrhagic and ischemic. (at the present time of this article. 

I had already been through intensive workups in hospitals on the West and East Coasts.  They could not find anything conclusive, either hereditary or organic causes of my strokes or any of my other health problems.
When I came back east…I started seeing a doctor again for MCS, chronic fatigue and other symptoms I was having. The doctor looked at some recent lab test results. He stated he had not seen these results before and believed I have Lyme disease. He took lab tests and I was positive for Lyme disease. This finding, he felt, was the culprit to my many health problems and diagnosed me with Neuro-Lyme disease.

I felt relieved, lucky in a way, because now I know what I have: Lyme disease.  Now I can be treated properly.

Thinking back I remembered, in my 20s, I had a tick bite on the top of my head. I went to a nearby Emergency Room for a look. They found nothing on the site of the bite and all labs were negative.  I was given a clean bill of health and sent home. A short time later the infections started and I had no idea what caused them.  Come to find out, research indicates, that the tick itself does not need to be lodged in the site for someone to get Lyme disease.

Spending hundreds and thousands of dollars and countless hours on medical costs over the years just to stumble upon a Lyme literate Doctor (LLMD) was a Godsend to me. The doctor explained it’s not easy to diagnose Lyme disease.  Lyme disease symptoms mimic many other diseases.  Your doctor will listen to your symptoms and develop a diagnosis based on their best experience.  If they do not have Lyme disease experience, or are, what I call a Lyme Literate Doctor you may not be correctly diagnosed. 

Moving forward, when I see my LLMD and Neurologist, we go over my current symptoms and treatments at each appointment.  Some of the treatments have been tough, although I do feel better.  I have heard this same sentiment from other people: they feel sick before and during the treatment but feel much better later.  I am looking forward to a future with my symptoms under control and gone hopefully  There is a good chance of that with a Lyme literate Doctor.

“Lyme disease is a silent epidemic in America. We want to alert and educate consumers about this disease, which is often misdiagnosed. Left untreated, it will become chronic and debilitating,” said Leo J. Shea, III, Ph.D., President of the non-profit International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS).  “Tick-borne illnesses compromise your immune system and the diagnosis, which is largely based on symptoms, can be elusive unless a physician is Lyme-literate.”

Lots of info to follow stay tuned on Lyme Disease, chronic illnesses and various aspects of life.

Blessings all keep the faith.

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  1. Hey Donna, I’m using this cool app called Manage My Pain. It is available on Android and Apple. I LOVE it! For years I have been looking for an app that tracks my symptoms and pain levels. This has 8 categories ( symptoms, date/time, meds, etc.) and the categories are customizable! I spoke to the developer and I will be doing a review on my blog soon but thought you might want to check it out yourself.Also the reports can be printed out for your doctor. I gave mine to my doctor today and she loved it also. Makes collecting data on ourselves so easy. Anyway, thought of you! ???

  2. Great article! Thank you for sharing so that we can, not only understand more about your life, but also become educated about Lyme disease itself. Looking forward to hearing more of your personal struggles with the disease – including what the treatment entails. I think it’s good for everyone everywhere to recognize the particular sufferings of others, so that we can all try to comfort, encourage, and inspire each other. And take nothing for granted! Blessings to you, Donna!

    • oh Christina again ty for understands and support. yes I will write more about my struggles etc… treatments i have been through lots to share. This is part of my memoir so people can learn help themselve, others…. learn I hope not to take any thing personal with chronic illness or any illness. Yes, I will take nothing for granted 🙂
      good to see u here. blessings

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