Blogging Award The Black Cat, Blue Sea Title

Hello Friends, We meet again on the blogosphere at Rosary and Redsox… blogging my memoir. I am so grateful people recognize my work.  They nominated me as the title of the post says Blogging Award The Black Cat, Blue Sea Title.  I love the name and accept it in the spirit of my blogging humility. … Read more

President Bush Treated for Lyme Disease Last Year

Hello Friends, President Bush Treated for Lyme Disease Last Year Found this article from a facebook group I joined. Look it President Bush and I have something in common we both contacted Lyme Disease. Lyme disease does not discriminate those ticks will bite whomever and whenever they want. The article does not talk much of … Read more


you just never know by the face or demeanor some has I go thru this often, but my saving grace is to not carry them but myself Onward and Upward from here. I put myself in it to help educate not preach.  I need to be kind to that is why i posted this. blessings … Read more


Anguish but joy to be lived on.

Manifesto Part 1

WELCOME MY FRIENDS!!! Manifesto explained parts oneI started a manifesto, on my other blog beyond the cranium and didn’t know it at the time. Pretty cool Ha?What started me on this path was an article I found on Jeff Goins’s website and his free ebook: he has lots of free stuff good stuff on his … Read more

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