First Day of Your Life: Zygote Intelligently Designed

Hello Friends, this post was supposed to be reblogged from my dear friend Christina Chase blog Divine Incarnate here is the link:   It is a special piece for you all.  here is a piece of it: enjoy and let me know what you think. I am going to post her series here through the week. I … Read more

I Voted are You All?

Hello Friends, I Voted Are You All With Me? Okay if You Are Not.  Yes, I voted actually I voted 2 weeks ago Tuesday. I had to vote with my conscience. Not religion or my opinion. God’s will to do the right thing. This has to with my memoir my mother gave me life. I would not … Read more

USA Recognizes October as Italian Heritage Month See You Next Year

Dear Friend, USA Recognizes October as Italian Heritage Month This is a start to my next book. Stay tuned for more. Sign-up here at side bar. Join in with me in celebrating USA Italian Heritage Month. This is an honor and a privilege and rightfully so. This is a late start, but there is more … Read more

Day 6 Ponder Let Go and Give it to God

HI Friends, Welcome to my humble blog. We have an insightful good time here. I hope you do too.  This the sixth day of a 7-day retreat of Scripture readings I am choosing during writing my memoir and blogging it. I needed to refocus and turn to scripture ( I do this every day) but … Read more

Hear and sense the Lord

today here to voice of the lord

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