Update Decision

Welcome Friend, Update Decision This is an update with my decision sharing it with all you good people on keeping this site rosary and Red Sox. I contemplated this. Is it better to have them. Keeping them separate. I thought it would be a lot more work to have two sites or three sites. I … Read more

Brain Injuries are Brain Attacks part 2

Brain Injuries are Brain Attacks Part 2 Dear Friend, This is a continuing post from the last time. Brain attacks are a very serious disease. The brain governs the body. Here is an article on common signs for a brain attack coming on. Well, for me numbers 1,2, 7, 8, and 10 came on the first … Read more

Wanted to Scream

  Wanted to scream, but going with the flow of life…   Dear Friend, Frustrated from not being able to blog for a long time. Sorry for the long wait. My computer kerplunking on me. Oh, pooh long sigh. Most of you can related. So, of instead of screaming, taking a temper tantrum; what I … Read more

Stroke Prevention

Hi Friends, I needed to write this and post some posters that would great to read and learn from to keep a healthier life style.  As you all know I have had many. Yes, the culprit is probably caused by my Lyme Disease ,but still I need to watch out for my own good and … Read more

Update Blogging buddies :) 8 steps that I will be doing on my blog

Update Friends, Just to give you a quick up date on how my book is coming. Well, it is moving. Slowly but surely. I believe I have all of the poems finished and trying to get the prose done as well. That is what is taking longer than I thought.  I decided to add prose. … Read more

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