Day 6 Ponder Let Go and Give it to God

HI Friends, Welcome to my humble blog. We have an insightful good time here. I hope you do too.  This the sixth day of a 7-day retreat of Scripture readings I am choosing during writing my memoir and blogging it. I needed to refocus and turn to scripture ( I do this every day) but … Read more

Day 4 Ponder Let Go and Give it to God

God is love – inspiration to share with interfaith community. Keep the faith. Take a look see.

Day 3 Ponder Let Go and Give it to God

Another quote from scripture. i had to write more than one verse here  I love the book proverbs it is full of teaching, learning and pondering the insight of God. Do you feel that? What book do you read? Can you share here?  I would love to hear.  Blessings to you and yours.   GOD … Read more

DAY 2 Ponder let go and give it to God:

Another inspiration scripture from the bible I hope you all find meditative.  I did today and still reflecting on this.  Jesus wants us to do great things. Any thoughts or comments please. Think about the things you do in your faith and share please.  Blessings to you and yours.  Luke 10 : 17   GOD … Read more

My Apologies

I am sorry my last post I said I was not going to share. Of course I am…That was not written in the way I meant it.  My fingers were typing and my brain was on glitch mode.  Not processings the entire situation ok so here is a perfect example of aphasia/ processing solving problem … Read more

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