Guest Post: Poetry Found & I see

Welcome, Here with me today guest posting is Author Danielle Bernock.  You will enjoy her poems. Let us know your thoughts below in the comments.   FOUND © Danielle Bernock 1989   Before I was known you knew me Being unplanned I was planned Before I followed you called me You had my life in your … Read more

Mapping Plan Blogging Posts

  Mapping Plan To Write Blog Posts Dear Friend, Just wanted to give you all a heads up on the structure of planning and mapping out my blog posts. Plan to write one post per week at the same time of the day. This structured plan is good for me and you. Hope you like and … Read more

#Everydayinspiration Day 4 Tabernacle Tears of Hope

HI all fellow blogger and such 🙂 blessings I am blogging my memoir and hope you enjoy.   Tabernacle tears of hope   Tears of hope curls up in my blood.   To one day be able to go there when I wish.   God is with me always, Tabernacle in my bones minor notes  … Read more

Hear and sense the Lord

today here to voice of the lord

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