Guest Post: What My Week of Self-Doubt Gave to Me

Guest Post  Welcome, Today I am having a guest post blogger. His name is Donald Huffman he is a writer from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He had several profound spiritual experiences that drastically changed the course of his life.  He has a full-time job in health care and he blogs about writing and spiritual matters. What My Week … Read more

Car accident flareup

Dear Friend, 5 things happened to say the least 1 Car accident, 2 whiplash, 3 concussion 4 heavy duty stress … 5 Lost my Personal Care Assistant (PCA) (was the worst)   I do not need to do much to get a flare-up it just comes on. So much pain all of a sudden. Aches, … Read more

There may be a Silent Epidemic in America Causing Disabilities

Dear Friend, As I have written before about my many illnesses I am just carrying it out … And, through my posting mostly stroke stuff. Which is big… Moving forward now. This does not need to be said but I did oops. Brain quirk hmm I am not sure… but  I include an article I … Read more


you just never know by the face or demeanor some has I go thru this often, but my saving grace is to not carry them but myself Onward and Upward from here. I put myself in it to help educate not preach.  I need to be kind to that is why i posted this. blessings … Read more


Anguish but joy to be lived on.

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