President Bush Treated for Lyme Disease Last Year

Hello Friends, President Bush Treated for Lyme Disease Last Year Found this article from a facebook group I joined. Look it President Bush and I have something in common we both contacted Lyme Disease. Lyme disease does not discriminate those ticks will bite whomever and whenever they want. The article does not talk much of … Read more

There may be a Silent Epidemic in America Causing Disabilities

Dear Friend, As I have written before about my many illnesses I am just carrying it out … And, through my posting mostly stroke stuff. Which is big… Moving forward now. This does not need to be said but I did oops. Brain quirk hmm I am not sure… but  I include an article I … Read more


  SOLUTION  TO THE RESTLESS DAY! Today I want to write about things I do when I come up with ideas and I don’t have the time or energy to sit and type them. I call it the “down day” but actually it’s a “rest day”. But I have to go back to what I … Read more

Update Blogging buddies :) 8 steps that I will be doing on my blog

Update Friends, Just to give you a quick up date on how my book is coming. Well, it is moving. Slowly but surely. I believe I have all of the poems finished and trying to get the prose done as well. That is what is taking longer than I thought.  I decided to add prose. … Read more

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