HELLO World here we go into a new day and night Poem

POEM: HELLO World here we go into a new day and night.  Hello World are we going into a new day and night making my way in around spaces joy of living God rejoicing praise needs to go to Him for He knows me he made me GLORY… He blessed us with the earth and … Read more

See Hear Your First Heartbeat: Human in Utero

Beautiful tribute to life. Baby humans. Intelligent design. that our creator brought forth out of love for us in us from conception. Christina Chase tells the story very well here and I posted her first segment here on the last post I did. This is the 2-month fetus development. What a beauty. She is a … Read more


DAY ONE: PONDER AND LET GO GIVE IT TO GOD: Got an absolutely great inspiration over the weekend: You all know my situation and I do want to communicate with you as much as I can.  About my faith (your faith) and my recovery. So with my aphasia and such hold me back from the creative … Read more

Who Am I to Say

Poetry Who Am I to Say   Who am I to say my God my God under my religion only not yours He is The One True God in all religions –all peoples– Tears of fear-no peace-cries out soaking us with shivers of doubt we do judgments-not fair – stay clear need stability – true … Read more

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