My Apologies

I am sorry my last post I said I was not going to share. Of course I am…That was not written in the way I meant it.  My fingers were typing and my brain was on glitch mode.  Not processings the entire situation ok so here is a perfect example of aphasia/ processing solving problem … Read more

Sorry all I have another glitch

TAKING THE HIGH ROAD NOT LETTING CRAZY PEOPLE GET IN MY WAY GOD WILLING – GOD IS SO GOOD.  I need more time off from this blogging. Need to put my new class on hold #everydayinspiration. I can only do so much.  I can do possible 4 days take a week off and do 4 … Read more

Some Exciting News for You and Me

Good day friends,  I’m writing to catch up on the exciting news… and to get you caught up sorry for the wait. I probably do not have to say I’m sorry I am sure you understand about my situation as I explained before. But I do miss you I think about you often and want … Read more


Anguish but joy to be lived on.

Hear and sense the Lord

today here to voice of the lord

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