Day 7 Ponder Let Go and Give it to God

Hello Friends, Hope you are doing well.  This is the seventh day of the retreat and the last day.  There is alway and joy and sadness in a last day of a good situation that ends.  But I will have other retreats I was thinking of doing a novena.  What type of novena I am … Read more

Some Exciting News for You and Me

Good day friends,  I’m writing to catch up on the exciting news… and to get you caught up sorry for the wait. I probably do not have to say I’m sorry I am sure you understand about my situation as I explained before. But I do miss you I think about you often and want … Read more


Anguish but joy to be lived on.

Hear and sense the Lord

today here to voice of the lord

Slugging it out!

This agony but no defeat here I am “slugging it out”

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