Quotes Share the Inspiration

Hello Friend, Wonderful to spend time with you all here. Thank you for the visit. Some wonderful inspiration to share with you all some quotes I love and hopes you love. Reading the Bible and having these inspirational saying daily is food for my soul, body and mind.  I would love to know what you … Read more

God’s Peace be with You Share it

Hello Friends, I am back. Thank you all for your patience.  Slowly but surely coming through;  you all are always in my prayers. As you all know my faith is sustaining me. I need to have it. It it is a wonderful gift. Growing (I hope) and sharing it I must. God’s peace be with … Read more

Car accident flareup

Dear Friend, 5 things happened to say the least 1 Car accident, 2 whiplash, 3 concussion 4 heavy duty stress … 5 Lost my Personal Care Assistant (PCA) (was the worst)   I do not need to do much to get a flare-up it just comes on. So much pain all of a sudden. Aches, … Read more

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