Prose Poetry Trying out Great Stuff

Hello friend, It is great to have you here. Today I’m going to post my latest learning experience. Learning prose poetry. Giving you a sample hope you like it. Please if you will take time in the comments below write if you like it or you like something different. Maybe you don’t understand the structure … Read more

5 Prayers used to stay on writing craft part one

5 Prayers used to stay on writing craft part one Hello friend, This is a view out my dining room window. Spring is a flourishing. Live life to the fullest. Here is to my writing craft and yours too. Prayers are always needed. Thank you!!! It’s great to have you back here thank you. Today … Read more

Brain Injuries are Brain Attacks

In my words Brain Injuries are Brain Attacks Dear Reader, Hey ya first I want to apologize for my lateness. Just an Fyi, I am late because of my distraction… I am writing one of my books and going for it. Needed to take a nappy poo. You all understand…  Slowly but surely this one is getting … Read more

Better Done Than Perfect

Better Done Than Perfect Done is Better Than Perfect Dear Friend, We all need to get things done. Right!? Instead of tweaking this and tweaking that, it could be an endless journey. Go easy on ourselves. I have learned that with all of my whatever’s along with trying to be perfect it is not getting … Read more

Journey with Vlogging Continues

Continuing Vlogging getting use to Journey with Vlogging Continues Dear Friend, Thank you for the visit here. Decided to continue with the vlogging. Need to get use to some more things. Such at where the camera is. Where I am in the space. My personal care attendant, PCA, Sydney, was with me last week I introduced … Read more

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