USA Recognizes October as Italian Heritage Month See You Next Year

Dear Friend, USA Recognizes October as Italian Heritage Month This is a start to my next book. Stay tuned for more. Sign-up here at side bar. Join in with me in celebrating USA Italian Heritage Month. This is an honor and a privilege and rightfully so. This is a late start, but there is more … Read more

Quotes Share the Inspiration

Hello Friend, Wonderful to spend time with you all here. Thank you for the visit. Some wonderful inspiration to share with you all some quotes I love and hopes you love. Reading the Bible and having these inspirational saying daily is food for my soul, body and mind.  I would love to know what you … Read more

Oh Crap! Realized Like Button on Post not on your Email Come See at Bottom

HI Friends, Come in and like my posts. Like button on bottom of posts. Not like before on email.  Come See at Bottom of posts. Sorry about this something happen. Having tech person looking in to it. Thank you all for your support. Encouragement  Be encouraged always! You are good thank you for your visits … Read more

Blogging Award The Black Cat, Blue Sea Title

Hello Friends, We meet again on the blogosphere at Rosary and Redsox… blogging my memoir. I am so grateful people recognize my work.  They nominated me as the title of the post says Blogging Award The Black Cat, Blue Sea Title.  I love the name and accept it in the spirit of my blogging humility. … Read more

Your prayers for the upcoming election are needed

Hi Friends, Prayers needed:  I am sure you all know this but… We need to band together and pray for the election coming up in November 2016. I will do my absent tee ballot. Due to my home bound situation. At least I am going to be doing my civic duty. Lets all go for … Read more

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