Cheers HAPPY THANKSGIVING ALL! Celebrate Everyday!

Cheers HAPPY THANKSGIVING ALL! Celebrate Everyday! Hi Friend,Happy Thanksgiving all Good to see you here. Would like to share some thoughts, prayers, quotes…  Being thankful for all what the Creator gives us all the time. Some information to share in the Catholic Church we celebrate thanksgiving every day. The holy eucharist.Eucharist means thanksgiving. Not many … Read more


DAY ONE: PONDER AND LET GO GIVE IT TO GOD: Got an absolutely great inspiration over the weekend: You all know my situation and I do want to communicate with you as much as I can.  About my faith (your faith) and my recovery. So with my aphasia and such hold me back from the creative … Read more

#Everydayinspiration Day 5 #quote #2

I like this posting quote technique we learned in class today.  I may make up a “quote page” 🙂 That is possible. Blessings all   Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.  — Fransis of Assisi    GOD LOVES YOU!!!

8 actions I do to relax before bedtime

8 actions I do to relax and meditate before I go to bed and they all blend together:   Here you go dear friends: Sign of the Cross. Biofeedback and deep breathing exercises. Some stretches. I focus on and listen to good spiritual speeches, homilies and preaching. Reading the bible and/or good spiritual literature. Read … Read more

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