Getting Use to Vlogging

Getting use to vlogging Hi friends, Glad you are here. I am trying to get use to vlogging. Let me know what you think please. Love to hear for you. This a short written post today. The vlog can speak for itself. Hope you are all well. Doing good. My faith is just growing and … Read more

Old poem, same meaning-Peace, sweet peace.

Hello Friends, One of my blogging friends John Coyote Poetry wrote this post. I just read it I loved and spoke to me about my post I posted a few days ago so I thought I would reblog his I think you will enjoy it. Reba sings a great song it resinates for me … Read more

Update Blogging buddies :) 8 steps that I will be doing on my blog

Update Friends, Just to give you a quick up date on how my book is coming. Well, it is moving. Slowly but surely. I believe I have all of the poems finished and trying to get the prose done as well. That is what is taking longer than I thought.  I decided to add prose. … Read more

#EverydayInspiration day eight and nine: day 8:Reinvent the Letter Format day 9: Writing and Not Writing

Hello Friends, Good day all! I am writing now to say there is another glitch freeze in my writing and telling you there is more on the way.  The two-days mentioned above are put on hold and I will come back to them later.  Day nine I was wondering if any of you would help … Read more

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