Journey with Vlogging Continues

Continuing Vlogging getting use to Journey with Vlogging Continues Dear Friend, Thank you for the visit here. Decided to continue with the vlogging. Need to get use to some more things. Such at where the camera is. Where I am in the space. My personal care attendant, PCA, Sydney, was with me last week I introduced … Read more

11th Hour Election Notice Speaks to my heart and Consceince and Yours

Dear Friend, Speaks to my heart and Conscience and hopefully yours. Baby Humans.   1th Hour Election notice to all. Need to talk about voting for pro-life. Let us all talk and understand what is intrinsically evil. 1This priest speaks well strong has faith. I love Fr John Corapi. There is not watered down ministering/homily … Read more


DAY ONE: PONDER AND LET GO GIVE IT TO GOD: Got an absolutely great inspiration over the weekend: You all know my situation and I do want to communicate with you as much as I can.  About my faith (your faith) and my recovery. So with my aphasia and such hold me back from the creative … Read more

Table Content (TOC) My Life Stories

Hello Friends, Table contents (TOC), memoir is my life stories from my other blog . Would love for you to join me there too.  I have great stories to share. I like to make my post interactive. Would you all join me. Reason I first wrote this on my beyond cranium blog. The reason … Read more

I Need Your Help to Help You

HI Friends,   Thank you for the visit. That may sound strange I need your help to help you. I will explain. See I moved from the free WordPress site over to hosting. I felt I needed to this for a few reasons.   – To name just a couple.  Plugins needed to expand my site … Read more

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