ROSARY and the RED SOX and other modalities to help me am I healing Path.

Most of the time to understand a brain injury or illness other illnIesses have you have to gone through it yourself. It is hard to understand everything that going through you want to help them understand.

I’m going to try to explain how I was the the time I was writing this book or say how I was recovering when I was writing his book.

Ever have a morning when it is so hard to get out of bed and you had to drag yourself push and push yourself to get ready to get out the door. Our moment of the day that you did not think well. Bots are fuzzy and cloudy you felt stuck. Maybe you had a headache until you have had that first cup of coffee over the ritual you had to get ready going in the morning. To the point was so painful. This was me 24 hours and days seven days a week multiplied by thousands and another army of other symptoms.

Also I had to do with many losses… Independence, my speech, problem solving, memory, walking, friends etc.… And they and I had to learn by myself how to let go.

I will explain how prayer, the Red Sox, beets therapy, centering prayer, Remy training and other modalities in such helps not only restored my sense of well-being but my memory in my mind etc.

COPYWRITE © 2015 Donna De Guglielmo

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