One God



Sharing our God

Indwelling of Spirit

connection of spirit with each other

Truth be told one God many different names

we live move and have our being in God

exquisite lustrous joyful in strength we are in Him

            glorifying him with our

            humble kind compassionate – relationships


live your faith – What may that be?

No not religion-faith-

            my true identity is in Christ. This is what I’m trying to do.

That branches out to all peoples.

Need to hear about your faith

the only true faith—relationship with God.

I am open

            share it

struggles for language too? Me too.

Our light–reflection–can be seen in our eyes…

           heard / felt

           Mannerism’s actions

            our speech



            tasted in the air- food and drink

            balance – in our walk

                       sensed through spirit – smell


our hearts beats as one

He provides solace for us

            His word is true

now and forever

            collected as in one true God-share

            shine through you and me

            will you share?

God loves stories that is why he made humans…


God is paradise. We are His to soar in His grace and mercy.

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