This situation feels out of focus at times. A poem i had written a few years back i did some revisions going back a few lessons that was to take a poem or story and revise … and i think i am finished but maybe i will do more revisions

NARCISSIUM by Donna de Guglielmo

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Let me understand my ways
The many layers to peel away
the moments you have served me well
but now it is the time to part and tell
do not be sad
I renamed you “giver”
which is swell

Yes even though hard I call you Giver you gave me great gifts
Many lessons – sweat workouts of sweet rewards.
Tightness of chest – softened
brain depression – prospering good times
anxiety cooled as a stream in spring and slowed the pace.

Narcessium turned into a teacher
Anything is possible
Embrace the GRACE!

God Loves You!!!

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Copyright  © Donna DeGuglielmo 2013

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