Manifesto Part 1

Manifesto explained parts oneI started a manifesto, on my other blog beyond the cranium and didn’t know it at the time. Pretty cool Ha?bird-of-paradise-flower-1What started me on this path was an article I found on Jeff Goins’s website and his free ebook:

he has lots of free stuff good stuff on his website check them out.


Speaking of free stuff I am putting  together an e-book that will come together by the end of June 2016.  I will let you know more about the dates I’m going to launch that. This brings up a question if any of you know, I am trying to find plug-ins on this WordPress site. I cannot find them.  Is there something I have to do? I thought it came with the sites they have widgets but they don’t have plug-ins here.  I have a free Word press site. Maybe that’s what is. Anyways, I thought blue host would help. So I got the minimal one. I was hoping this would help to launch more items to all of you good people, I am trying to converse with you better so we can communicate better on my side and your side. If you can help a please let me know? Thanks bunches in advance.


Now to my manifesto part one: I promised some in a poetic form and prose to… He you go enjoy and remember you are always in my prayers and God loves you!



Welcome friends

Tough spot – -solution

Tribe – -to be assistance

To one another

Size does not matter People think disability = unability

But my RANT is it does not

Mistakes they made with foolish thinking

it’s tweaking

The muse in me is wreaking fumigation


Spirit filled love

For one another-no judgment here

Do not give or lose energy IT is valuable to your cause

Needed reassurance from self

Believe in your creator more and more

He will show the way give encouragement you need

Not sway

You need to go and say

The best are people in need

Seek you will find

Create time to put in what

Is needed to go forward

Simple does it well

The best is to show not tell

Be it with peace not Hell

To move forward into the well


Golden we may be in our

Stories to tell


God loves you!

Copyright  ©Donna DeGuglielmo  2016


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