Journey with Vlogging Continues

Continuing Vlogging getting use to

Journey with Vlogging Continues

Dear Friend,

Thank you for the visit here. Decided to continue with the vlogging. Need to get use to some more things. Such at where the camera is. Where I am in the space. My personal care attendant, PCA, Sydney, was with me last week I introduced her as my friend. Even though we are friendly I just did not know how to explain her presence. Still trying to getting use to my presence with the setup.

It is an easy setup and you will love it if you decide to do it. But, I am explaining my situation with my environmental illness, cognitive stuff. But, going forward and trying new things. Sorry ugh long sigh!   I do love the vlogging, but am thinking of mixing it with podcasting and blogging. Utilizing vlogging not as much… maybe thinking … do you have any suggestions?

Topics Discussed:



Personal Care Attendant (PCA)

Understand/ communication with others

As one of my reader/friends here suggested to talk about Aphasia and we do.

Love to hear your comments:

[bctt tweet=”Love to hear your comments. ” username=”donnamarie0503″] Write below, like, follow. That’s is great you are all here. Blessings.

God bless you all.


God loves you!!!

God is paradise. We are His to soar in His grace and mercy.


  1. I say go for the vlogging and the blogging! both help educate and inform people. I’m still struggling to explain my own brain injury to people and never seem to convey what I need to, what I feel they need to know. Lenten blessings!

    • HI ya Leah ty for the vote on vlogging and blogging sounds like a good thing I will plan on that one. I plan on slimming down my vlogs. Yes, it is not easy to tell what we are experiencing. One thing is … do you experience any pain people seem to relate to that one very good. Neuro stuff I know well at least we have each other. I am getting ideas and also … I just give to God. My energy can not be wasted on this.. but I do not mind blogging it that is different If you know what I mean? I do hope I can help others out as you said. Hope that makes sense not contrary. blessings

  2. It’s so true that almost everyone will become disabled toward the end of life, even the healthiest life.

    Thanks for sharing your faith and wisdom. Keep vlogging, you’re a natural! 🙂

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