Happy St Joseph’s Day Free E-book Launch more to come

Launching Free First of many e-books

Dear Friend,

Happy St Joseph’s Day 

Joseph and child Jesus

Glad you are here. I did it!!! Yeah!!!

You are going to love my free e-book. There is some prose but mostly poetry prayer. 

Sneek peek view Table of Contents


Inspirational Introduction Words


Every Person Can Value Life

Litany to God in Honor of Saint Joseph


Shimmering Page

God is Love

Let It Go and It Will Derive

Rich in Poetry Prayer. You will love this Free e-book, Tell your friends to come by and get one.Click To Tweet

Reaching out to you with my gifts to share them. Reflect on the engaging words. Hoping it fulfills your heart with joy and inspiration.

Sharing some of my photography, too. My poetry prayer is superimposed on it.

You can get more poetry on my site here. 

This gem of an e-book is a thank you card to God and to you my dear readers!

It will make you feel inspired!!!

You will not want to miss it. Go here to sign up to get Creative Poetry Prayer e-book.


God loves you!!!

God is paradise. We are His to soar in His grace and mercy.

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