Blogging Award The Black Cat, Blue Sea Title

Hello Friends, We meet again on the blogosphere at Rosary and Redsox… blogging my memoir. I am so grateful people recognize my work.  They nominated me as the title of the post says Blogging Award The Black Cat, Blue Sea Title.  I love the name and accept it in the spirit of my blogging humility. … Read more

Table Content (TOC) My Life Stories

Hello Friends, Table contents (TOC), memoir is my life stories from my other blog . Would love for you to join me there too.  I have great stories to share. I like to make my post interactive. Would you all join me. Reason I first wrote this on my beyond cranium blog. The reason … Read more

Who Am I to Say

Poetry Who Am I to Say   Who am I to say my God my God under my religion only not yours He is The One True God in all religions –all peoples– Tears of fear-no peace-cries out soaking us with shivers of doubt we do judgments-not fair – stay clear need stability – true … Read more

Calling All Poets/Creative Minds to A Grand Collaboration – Poets for Peace

Poets/Writers for peace. A wonderful way to spend your day with all concerned in this endeavor. You all know I have written about peace and it is in my daily life to hope and pray for with in myself, others and the world. Help out please. Read below. Blessings God loves you!!!

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