Part 2 Interview Christian Poet Deborah Ann Belka

Welcome Friend,  This is part two of Christian Poet Deborah Ann Belka Interview with me.  You will read about her and her story below. Knowledge she shares is inspiring. She share hows to she gets her creative juices flowing. It is inspiring for every writer. It was my situation that slowed things down but here we … Read more

Revision About page Prose Poetry

Hello friend, I made revisions to the about page. You will find it more concise and focused on what’s I am doing with my blog. FYI, It is a work in progress (WIP). The blog is about my life stories. Below is some of that. Prose Poetry ARISE Arise out of slumber quirkiness to start-residuals always unsure balance … Read more

Mapping Plan Blogging Posts

  Mapping Plan To Write Blog Posts Dear Friend, Just wanted to give you all a heads up on the structure of planning and mapping out my blog posts. Plan to write one post per week at the same time of the day. This structured plan is good for me and you. Hope you like and … Read more

Launching Blog with New Framework/Theme Updated Resource Page

Hello Friend Launching this blog with a new exciting Theme. Is great for me and all of you. The other ones had problems and one or two broke and did not work properly. Now hopefully all in working order. Thank you for your patience. Writing Resources: Launching this blog/theme took some time, but very well … Read more

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