DAY ONE: PONDER AND LET GO GIVE IT TO GOD: Got an absolutely great inspiration over the weekend: You all know my situation and I do want to communicate with you as much as I can.  About my faith (your faith) and my recovery. So with my aphasia and such hold me back from the creative … Read more

I Voted are You All?

Hello Friends, I Voted Are You All With Me? Okay if You Are Not.  Yes, I voted actually I voted 2 weeks ago Tuesday. I had to vote with my conscience. Not religion or my opinion. God’s will to do the right thing. This has to with my memoir my mother gave me life. I would not … Read more

8 Organic Lifestyles Explained Briefly

8 Organic Lifestyles Things I do Dear Friend, This is a quest I have been on for years to live as organically as I can. Sharing my 8 organic lifestyle changes was a necessity for me to do explained briefly. After you get to know it is simple as everyday life.  This started a long time ago … Read more

Blogging Award The Black Cat, Blue Sea Title

Hello Friends, We meet again on the blogosphere at Rosary and Redsox… blogging my memoir. I am so grateful people recognize my work.  They nominated me as the title of the post says Blogging Award The Black Cat, Blue Sea Title.  I love the name and accept it in the spirit of my blogging humility. … Read more

Table Content (TOC) My Life Stories

Hello Friends, Table contents (TOC), memoir is my life stories from my other blog . Would love for you to join me there too.  I have great stories to share. I like to make my post interactive. Would you all join me. Reason I first wrote this on my beyond cranium blog. The reason … Read more

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