Guest Post: What My Week of Self-Doubt Gave to Me

Guest Post  Welcome, Today I am having a guest post blogger. His name is Donald Huffman he is a writer from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He had several profound spiritual experiences that drastically changed the course of his life.  He has a full-time job in health care and he blogs about writing and spiritual matters. What My Week … Read more

See Hear Your First Heartbeat: Human in Utero

Beautiful tribute to life. Baby humans. Intelligent design. that our creator brought forth out of love for us in us from conception. Christina Chase tells the story very well here and I posted her first segment here on the last post I did. This is the 2-month fetus development. What a beauty. She is a … Read more

I Voted are You All?

Hello Friends, I Voted Are You All With Me? Okay if You Are Not.  Yes, I voted actually I voted 2 weeks ago Tuesday. I had to vote with my conscience. Not religion or my opinion. God’s will to do the right thing. This has to with my memoir my mother gave me life. I would not … Read more

8 Organic Lifestyles Explained Briefly

8 Organic Lifestyles Things I do Dear Friend, This is a quest I have been on for years to live as organically as I can. Sharing my 8 organic lifestyle changes was a necessity for me to do explained briefly. After you get to know it is simple as everyday life.  This started a long time ago … Read more

President Bush Treated for Lyme Disease Last Year

Hello Friends, President Bush Treated for Lyme Disease Last Year Found this article from a facebook group I joined. Look it President Bush and I have something in common we both contacted Lyme Disease. Lyme disease does not discriminate those ticks will bite whomever and whenever they want. The article does not talk much of … Read more

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