Getting Use to Vlogging

Getting use to vlogging Hi friends, Glad you are here. I am trying to get use to vlogging. Let me know what you think please. Love to hear for you. This a short written post today. The vlog can speak for itself. Hope you are all well. Doing good. My faith is just growing and … Read more

Mapping Plan Blogging Posts

  Mapping Plan To Write Blog Posts Dear Friend, Just wanted to give you all a heads up on the structure of planning and mapping out my blog posts. Plan to write one post per week at the same time of the day. This structured plan is good for me and you. Hope you like and … Read more

Wanted to Scream

  Wanted to scream, but going with the flow of life…   Dear Friend, Frustrated from not being able to blog for a long time. Sorry for the long wait. My computer kerplunking on me. Oh, pooh long sigh. Most of you can related. So, of instead of screaming, taking a temper tantrum; what I … Read more

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