Invitation: Guest Post

Guest Post are Welcome Decided to invite people who are interested in guest posting. My writing memoir blog is expanding. Well, I do have a resource page already. Decided to open up my blog to people who want t0 experiment and reach out. Maybe you already like what you write and want to reach out. … Read more

Revision About page Prose Poetry

Hello friend, I made revisions to the about page. You will find it more concise and focused on what’s I am doing with my blog. FYI, It is a work in progress (WIP). The blog is about my life stories. Below is some of that. Prose Poetry ARISE Arise out of slumber quirkiness to start-residuals always unsure balance … Read more

2 of 5 Prayers Mentioned Last Blog Post

Hello friends, Continuation of last week post and I will be talking about 2 of 5 Prayers Mentioned Last Blog Post. Need to tell you cannot write that much today. Did a vlog for your entertainment and information. Let me know below what you think. Is there something that stood out for you? Hope I … Read more

Brain Injuries are Brain Attacks part 2

Brain Injuries are Brain Attacks Part 2 Dear Friend, This is a continuing post from the last time. Brain attacks are a very serious disease. The brain governs the body. Here is an article on common signs for a brain attack coming on. Well, for me numbers 1,2, 7, 8, and 10 came on the first … Read more

Better Done Than Perfect

Better Done Than Perfect Done is Better Than Perfect Dear Friend, We all need to get things done. Right!? Instead of tweaking this and tweaking that, it could be an endless journey. Go easy on ourselves. I have learned that with all of my whatever’s along with trying to be perfect it is not getting … Read more

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