I Voted are You All?

Hello Friends,

I Voted Are You All With Me? Okay if You Are Not. 

Yes, I voted actually I voted 2 weeks ago Tuesday. I had to vote with my conscience. Not religion or my opinion. God’s will to do the right thing. This has to with my memoir my mother gave me life. I would not be here if she did not.  I have lost a few followers because of my Right to Life stance. We need to agree to disagree. Not dismiss/alienate ourselves from people. I have to say this is a big part of my faith. I believe in life not death of a person of any size or age. They have a right to live ( we all do) especially the unborn who do not have a voice to speak out and talk their story.

This is the part as an adult I can relate with. I know how I was treated before my strokes and after. Big difference. Sad but the truth. Everyone family, friends and the government. Not all, but some hurt me terribly. The agencies that suppose to advocate for us disabled people. Do not do their jobs all the time. Not all but some people that make it worse for all concerned. No dignity there. But, I meet some and heard this from others that go through the same thing day after day week after week year after year.

Women’s Rights

Just want to mention women’s rights. I am a woman and I am all for women’s rights. Oh, boy am I. But, women can choose other avenues instead of risking their life and someone else’s. Here are some ways you can read about.  also here is the best.

Also,  I feel that the instruments in detecting a pregnancy are off. As with Lyme Disease, the tests are not as sensitive as they need to be to pick up the disease and many are suffering from it. There is a lot of false negatives. Very sad. This is another way I can relate to these poor women and children being misled and killed. I think there is more there at the moment of conception than we know  that these instruments do not pick up on. You wonder who is in control with that. Or, maybe just maybe they have not found a way yet.

Have you heard this… shocking if you have never heard: Roe vs Wade.  Jane Roe never had abortion and regrets this done. Listen just a minute. You will love what the fact of what her story is. You know I love a good story.

Not boosting, but humbling saying. You all know that I am a God loving person and hope the best for you all. In my interfaith spirituality hoping the best for all concerned here in the USA and beyond. I cast no judgment as my readers for long term know. But, my faith, stance on this subject is strong. We have God and Scientific test proves it, also. Will you join me? I am pro-life and loving it. It is okay if you do not join me. Hope you all love and stand by your faith and decisions whatever they may be. Pray with me for this to be a peaceful Godly election.

Blessings to you all.

God is paradise. We are His to soar in His grace and mercy.
God is paradise. We are His to soar in His grace and mercy.


    • yes I will say Amen to that. Thank you for visiting see u in the blogosphere. thank you blessings i am going to visit your blog you wrote a book very good.. cking it out 🙂

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