The winner is Go Daddy!


Yes I went with Go Daddy they seem like they have the best customer service was number one for me along with their product was no different than anybody else. Actually, I cannot compare it all of it right now. SORRY.  Also, they speak very good English and this USA based products.

They came out on top of performance customer service and product. I think they’re all around the same price will be here little with there. I did my research with your help Leah at and Nikki D. and others cannot mention all at this time but very greatful.  As I said these different people a couple people said to me at this point they would not take they will it take . I never heard that before I felt like I was given such a hard time and Go Daddy just kept on saying the same story every time I called. There was one person I will have to say in the customer service, odd so hung the phone up and call back and got someone different. And that person was on it with the same story as everybody else. You cannot have everything perfect. As memoirist Linda Joy Myers says “you have to be okay with less than perfect”. This helps me a lot. 🙂

I did give these people two or three phone calls to each place. Just one odd answer after the other. And I know that these people take they would not advertise on if it wasn’t so. Also others on there blogs talk about them, but customer service says it was not so we had to have So it was very confusing frustrating. But who knows maybe I got the wrong people to talk to and you will have better luck. If you are in the mist of doing this also please do try them all out you may a different experience.  Oh, I am not get any kickback from Go Daddy just wanted you know.

So you will see my blog under construction the world with changes please excuse them I’m in the process of doing what I can to slow process for me as you know … problem-solving is the best but Go Daddy is patience with me.  I just wanted to update you on the health thing that I have it was a terrible time to try to figure this out to get those confusing answers just did not might make life very easy and I had a few setbacks but it’s onward and upward from now.

Thank you for being there thank you for visiting my blog and follow-on me I’m very grateful and I hope we all continue to have this great relationship thank you. Blessings to you and yours always.

God loves you!


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