Sorry all I have another glitch


SPLASH ph man surf wave

I need more time off from this blogging. Need to put my new class on hold #everydayinspiration. I can only do so much.  I can do possible 4 days take a week off and do 4 more days. After I finish day 5 in a few more days I will do that. Sorry for any disappointment.  One thing is that my residuals from the nasty stressed induced strokes I have in October 2015.  This happens mostly at night-time.  Go figure that one why at night also I am in most pain at night from the Lyme Disease to name one.  What happens with one of the residual which scares me … my right arm mostly my hand go numb.  Not completely as it did in the strokes( or right after), but it does a scare because it brings that horrible situation back.  I talk to my doctor yesterday and she said that Post tramatic Disease.  (ptsd) ugh… see what abusive people can do to u.  I beleive i wrote about how crazy that situation was.  She said no wonder your blood pressure when up and you took those stroke.  And not knowing what was in store for you when you got home.  That is why my brother went info emergency mode and got me the hell out of there.  (side note You can tell I my back against the wall and fed up when I cuss.  boy oh boy. I hate it when people try to take advantage of disabled and or less fortunate people. And she has done this to others.)

I was slippering and sliding here and there that is why I have a photo of someone catching the wave.   Pretty neat yes!

I do pray a lot and give this to God which I get great solace. So much comfort from him. My faith sustains me. I still am human and have to deal with the Ptsd… I see another doc next wedsday… who is good with this.  No judgement there.  Glory an answer to pray.  I will and do the best I can.  You all give that wonderful support with sticking with me.

So, I will write some post inbetween and it will be updates and such as I have been doing. Hope to write some poetry regarding my life story.

ta ta for now blessings you are all in my prayers.  make a good week.



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