Some Exciting News for You and Me

Good day friends, 

God is paradise. We are His to soar in His grace and mercy.

I’m writing to catch up on the exciting news… and to get you caught up sorry for the wait. I probably do not have to say I’m sorry I am sure you understand about my situation as I explained before. But I do miss you I think about you often and want to write.


I do have some interesting news. Last month I’m sure some of you know was national poetry month. I entered into a challenge  believe it or not. It did take a lot out of me. So I could not keep up with both think a blog and the challenge at this point I’m pressing forward onward and upward from here.


It was the NaPoWriMo chapbook challenge. Local gems was running a contest and they said they would have this challenge. One poem a day for 30 days in my words in honor of national poetry month. So I did it I am so excited I never done anything like this before. I hope you are happy for me I am so excited I notices before but I’m so excited that I say that before. He he he I am laughing I hope you’re laughing with me and happy. At least smiling I am smiling. And that’s big accomplishment to be the do this it was so hard. Writing poetry is not easy. I know I’m posted poetry here before and people liked it.

This was a challenge so good praise God I tell you I did finish and submit my manuscript. Which I have never done before the manuscript with my aphasia and other stuff, cognitive. OH bty way if I win or lose I am the winner because I finished!!!  This is what my friend Christina Chase said, “we are winners no matter what”. I’m so excited thank you for sharing with me.


This is goes to show you to have the faith/persistance …  and keep on going that is what it is about. I will post a few poems I came up with that reflects upon my memoir that I did not submit. Let me know what you think please write back in how many words you want to write back or you what to hit the like button I would  like that to do let me know thank you. Enjoy!




Fullness of verse

Aphasia cuts in

struggle to find

took a piece

heal it with soothing thought

acceptance of limitation – must be – get along in life

Hard though – patience – perseverance – trust spirit

Works through far out reaches – possibilities in the end HOPE.





Brain attacks had a few

-30+ not counting

slow to process

love my words I can find

ones I cannot find TOO – are there


make do-to share with you.




copywrite 2016 Donna DeGuglielmo

God is paradise. We are His to soar in His grace and mercy.


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