Slugging it out!

Hi all I want to thank you for following me and being there for me I want to update you. Well I still have residuals from all the strokes. Agonizing at times but able to move forward and learn how to work with my deficits at most times at a slow pace. But, I know I have to deal with it.  I need to be able to communicate  and such with eachother.  So I am here now to post on my blog. Many more to come.

“Residual deficits is a term used in the medical field. It refers to leftover issues that occur due to a condition. For example, after a stroke, one may have residual deficits that prohibit certain movements.”



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“Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work”. Stephen King

This is my ambition. Thank you Stephen King.

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This is what I feel I need to do and sharing my process with you… Focus on the process not the goals. if you only focus on the goal you are not thinking about the steps to get there. New action plan. It is good to make goals but the steps there in the journey is very important. As my doctor says biofeedback is great and a flexible schedule with achievable goals… Donna with (steps).

For example: do at least 30 min. of writing on most mornings always  or anytime you choose. This makes sense. I thought. He said visualization with biofeedback is great also use that visualization technique with your goals in life.

I am trying to enjoy my days with work focused not on the destination but the journey. To get lost in the world I’m creating when I read a book I can get lost in it. but how much more fun and fulfilling it can be to create your book and go into a deeper level of satisfaction of creativity. You can fill in your own feelings going deep inside expressed in and it outwardly… Share it with the world.

Please share and join me me in this exploration of joy being filled in our lives of faith nurturing us. Any comments please?

God’s gift Teaching/learning

for all the teachers in our lives and learners

Teachers speak students listen

Students speak teachers listen

Loving the process

Respect is part of it

Nurturing is part of it

sharing is part of it

trust the process with understanding

It is a learning process for all concerned

All is good.



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  1. Love the quote from Stephen King – thanks for sharing it! What you say here rings very true for me, that writing every day is important, the steps of the journey that lead to the destination. I find the whole idea of writing a book overwhelming. But, maybe it’s like that adage: “Inch by inch, life is a cinch. Yard by yard, life is very hard.” Praying for your continued healing, Donna!

  2. Hello Christina, Yes. and thank for your interests and reply. I also feel when I look at this entire memoir as a book i get overwhelmed. But as you “Inch by Inch life is a cinch.” wow I feel better already. It is so good to have our faith and creativity in our lives. Thank u for the prayers and are in my prayer too. God loves you.

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