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Hello friend,

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It is great to have you here. Today I’m going to post my latest learning experience. Learning prose poetry. Giving you a sample hope you like it.

Please if you will take time in the comments below write if you like it or you like something different. Maybe you don’t understand the structure so I have to try it out.

Prose poetry is something very good to learn for me. I can keep it simple because it’s like “free verse” poetry that I do a lot of. I am new at this so I want to explain the best way I can. A prose poem appears as prose, reads as poetry, yet lacks line breaks associated with poetry. This is what I understand. Maybe you know differently you can educate me.

So here you go I’ve got to try it.

Prose poetry first written:

As I sit in my bedroom relaxed ready for bed need to write my thoughts down before I slumber off and out asking God to guide me through his grace to find tone needed.

Using a relaxed voice space it out over time, energy. Engage with words of wisdom and sense of tiredness is clear, sleep is clear focused in the morn.

New truth told said before pray for wisdom is clear natural and pause gives it to God, let go and it will derive into what is needed.



God bless you all. See you soon. Keep the faith. It sustains me.

God Loves You!!!


God is paradise. We are His to soar in His grace and mercy.


  1. it’s always good to try something new. I confess, though,I would miss it if you stop doing your poetry with the linebreaks– I always like your linebreaks!

    • hey ya buddy thanks for the comment. Thank you for liking my poetry. I will still be doing the style I wrote before. Oh, I have a new haiku I wrote a few weeks ago… blessings 🙂

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