Your prayers for the upcoming election are needed

Hi Friends,

Prayers needed:  I am sure you all know this but…

We need to band together and pray for the election coming up in November 2016. I will do my absent tee ballot. Due to my home bound situation. At least I am going to be doing my civic duty. Lets all go for it…

today I pray for peace in hope that tomorrow I won’t have to

A wall hanging I have.

Here are some prayers I am saying at this point and others. Lots of prayers… I do my rosary everyday and offer the prayers up to our God.  Spiritually we need to connect and be as peaceful as we can be.

quote pope benedict 5 pic point of pines 2015


quote pope benedict 4 pic point of pines 2015


If you are not a Christian you may say e i… “May God bring relief …”May the light of God, which comes to enlighten every human being, shine forth … ”  No other Christian can tell that I minimized Jesus at all. Unity is what to have with one another. My belief is that He would too… That will help with the election, too. Let us have peace. I feel acceptance is the key to life. No harm done on my blog ever to Jesus. Right blogging buddies? Smiles and peace… no phony stuff here … True caring and sharing… In humility saying this…

I want to say that we need to have compassion for one another we all have a struggle what ever it may be.  Let us accept one another and join together for an end to violence, strife, injustice … the way civil minded people can do. In a peaceful just way. Yes! Anyone says Amen to that… any thing to add please do in the comments always love comments, likes etc…

Blessings to you all.


God is paradise. We are His to soar in His grace and mercy.
God is paradise. We are His to soar in His grace and mercy.



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