Hello all thanks for visiting.  I am on the mends.  Strokes stuff is very hard at times more than other times. I need more time to recover, I unfortunately just had more ugh long sigh.  But as I said I am on the mend and I can do some small stuff I had this poem already from a long time ago and tweaked a little.  Enjoy and have a blessed week.


Light and Dark

Diamonds time form in

Earth’s crust

Trees sprout seedlings

Root Earth

This poem Light and Dark is I feel like my existence on Earth. I am forming a new in time in the Earth’s crust my body is like the Earth’s crust and the diamond bursting out of my crust. It’s my spirit forming is been from before was born. But the spirit is engulfing me and others.

So that I am a treasure to my will and God’ will I am His child. So are you.  And He wants me to co-create with my creativity which is His. I certainly tell the Lord God all my problems I’m shepherding through it, he says. God is sculpting me to be something he wants me to be. He wants me to do his will as I am following his will the best I can so when my body has problems like this I had strokes and migraines, other people stuff and the like. I’ll remain strong as I’m a child of the Most High God. I hope you enjoy this Poem and the deep meaning of it. Love to hear back from you on what the meaning of this poem is to you.

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Donna De Guglielmo

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