Beach Walking

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Feet sink in sand caresses

Body releasing

Feel alive and invigorated.

earth underfoot

Feel lighthearted

Smile face and heart

Surrounded by nature

Feels so good

Sunrise dripping with color reflecting on water

Lights up eyes of soul

Inviting and comforting

Ocean and sky vast luscious clouds

seagulls unique sounds send forth throughout sky

sounds of waves musical and calming

Mind frees

Feels so good

wikipedia Calidris_alba_group_edit

Breezes caressing the slightly perspired skin warmed by the sun

follicles sweet movement

Walk along the shore

in saturated sand by oceans’ cooling salt water

splashing on feet and lower legs

Grainy slightly massages under feet

Feels so good

ocean air

AAClean salty and delicious

Thoughts calm

All senses alive

heart, soul and body sing

to the earth and heaven

Feels so good

© 2013 Donna De Guglielmo



  1. Last week my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary by spending time together in Maine. We had wonderful weather and enjoyed so much of the beauty together. We also had time alone. During my time, walking on a seemingly endless beach, I took in the entire picture ; birds flying and calling, the waves lapping at my feet, people walking alone or as couples, and the endless sea topped off by equally endless clouds.

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