Part 2 Interview Christian Poet Deborah Ann Belka

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This is part two of Christian Poet Deborah Ann Belka Interview with me.  You will read about her and her story below. Knowledge she shares is inspiring. She share hows to she gets her creative juices flowing. It is inspiring for every writer. It was my situation that slowed things down but here we are.

Donna Maria:

When did you start blogging? Do you find blogging a very good platform to write poetry on and do write on other platforms? Provide me with your links. Any other kind of personal information you want to share about.

Poet Deborah Ann:

Once I realized I wouldn’t write a book I looked on line for avenues to post my poems. I first posted my poems on


and then on ChristArt and still do.

On FaithWriters I also have some devotionals that I have writtern.

I also have a website called His Wings Shadow

I post daily there too and have links to some of my favorite Christian sites.

I felt the Holy Spirit nudging me into having my own blog or site in 2013. So I looked at two blogs formats and decided on WordPress. I started off with just a few postings a week and spent only a couple of hours a day on it. Now I am at it for at least 6 hours a day. I really feel it is a full time ministry and using this gift God has given me is one I take seriously.

Asking God for…

Before I write a poem I pray and ask God to bless or inspire “just one person” with the words He gives me to put in a poem. When I get a comment that God used it I feel so blessed and encouraged.

I write not just from my own personal experiences, but from the experiences of others and how they are feeling, what they struggle with and where their faith has taken them.

Over the years, I have had many requests for my poems to be used in songs, church bulletins and newsletters, magazines and books, prison ministry, Christmas cards, Women’s retreats, in Bible Studies and in sermons. All to which I give permission and God the Glory.

My faith has been one of many steps, some of them backwards, some sideways and many forwards but it is when God has me standing still, in the midst of everything happening in my life, in the world, in the life of others that I find myself moving closer to Him. My poems reflect those times in my life.

Donna Maria:

I’m not sure about if have ever any books on your site. Have you ever put a book together? If so what are the names?

Poet Deborah Ann:

No books. People ask me all the time if I have one. But, God just hasn’t lead me in that direction yet.

Donna Maria:

Did you go traditional publishing or you self-publishing?

Poet Deborah Ann:

If God leads, it will be self-publishing, as through my studies, getting a book of poetry published any other way is almost unheard of these days.

Donna Maria:

Amazed you can put out I think I counted six posts a day? Am I correct on that? Correct me please if I’m wrong.

Poet Deborah Ann:

I post a Sticky Note to God at 5:00am, a Snippet at 12:00pm, a Poem at 5:00pm and a Sticky Note From God at 9:00pm so that makes 4 posts a day. Usually have them scheduled two to three days ahead of time.

Donna Maria:

Amazed you write and compose as much as you do in the amount of time. Could you share how you do that?

Poet Deborah Ann:

Each morning I am up between 6-7am and go straight to my office to pray and to read and study my Bible. Right now I am finishing a study on 1 Peter. I am also reading the Chronological Bible this year as part of my Bible time. I listen to sermons on what I am studying and read commentaries, articles etc. to further my understanding.

If I am facing a situation, a test, a trial I will find the verses I need to meditate on, I study them and let them minister to me and often they are put into poems.

Pray is important part of the process

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Then I pray asking that the Holy Spirit will stir into my soul something to share from my studies.

Around 9:00am I start composing a poem from what I have learned choosing the verse or verses first to focus on.

A poem can take an me 10 minutes or 2-3 hours or longer . . . to write just depends on the length and the subject matter and the Holy Spirit leading. If it is something that takes me 10 minutes then I know it comes from the Holy Spirit. If I have to spend an hour or more on it I know it is more from me and not the Holy Spirit. I may have 1200 poems published on my blog, but I have over 500 started but not finished. If I struggle with a poem . . . I put it aside. Days, weeks or months may go by before I go back to it. Sometimes I am inspired to finish it right then, if not it goes back into my “need to work on” file.


After I come up with the poem I find a picture for the verse I am using . It takes me about a half-hour to find and finish a picture.

From the poem I take my main thought and put it on a Sticky Note to God. That takes only about five minutes.

Then I take the pain point of the poem and put it on a Sticky Note From God with a verse from my studies that takes another 5 minutes.

Usually by noon I am done. I do this each morning and only miss it if I’ve somewhere to go or something that I have to do at that time or if I am laid up with illness. I have a lot of physical issues that I deal with and sometimes I just am in too much pain to sit at my computer. But, God has been good and I am able to manage my pain well and get into my office most mornings.

Donna Maria:

Love the snippets great idea: how did you come up with that idea you are a genius?

Poet Deborah Ann:

Since I have over 1200 poems I decided to add the Snippets to highlight a line in a poem and post the Snippet with a link to the original poem. It is kinda like a re-blog of the poem but only if you want to follow the link.


Great to have Debora Ann Belka Christian poet, writer and blogger to share her story and knowledge. She is such an inspiration. I moved by her faith and what she is doing for the Glory of God. This concludes our interview. Please write in the comments below what you liked and what you would like to hear more of.

Part one of the series find here.

The following are Deborah Ann’s sites you can find her on:


Praying and hoping you and yours are well.

God loves you!

God is paradise. We are His to soar in His grace and mercy.


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