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I was 40 years old before I became an overnight success, and I’d been publishing for 20 years.

Mary Karr
“You think you know the story so well. It’s a mansion inside your head, each room just waiting to be described, but pretty much every memoirist I’ve ever talked to finds the walls of such rooms changing shape around her. There are shattering earthquakes, tectonic-plate-type shifts. Or it’s like memory is a snow globe that invariably gets shaken so as to shroud the events inside.”
― Mary KarrThe Art of Memoir


Dear Friends


Well, the 2nd quote does explain me internally. Have to add my neurological stuff going on to those neurons will … who knows I had so many strokes… I love to share but it is agony  of sharing your soul….but  I won’t go there right now… It’s a pleasure to be here with you right now, actually is always  thank you.

Like to talk about …as I said before this is my memoir writing as best I can. Sharing it with you all is great.

Theme of my memoir: Faith

Hence, rosary (this is a working title I am using)  has a lot to do with my faith and the Red Sox was another modality that I used. Actually, it’s a modality that I made up to help my memory. I will share with you at some point.


What I want to talk about is faith mine derives from Christianity. I am of the Catholic religion. They call me a “cradle Catholic”. Which means I was born into the religion. Different things went on for me later in life but that’s another memoir. So let’s go forward here and have a little chat.


I truly believe in being interfaith ecumenical as I said my about page. But I feel it needs to be repeated here. I have a religion but I feel and believe spirituality needs to be discussed, but I will discuss my triune God. Many times I will talk about my religion in my triune God but I do truly believe that we have one God. We need to supports, encourage and respect for me and I respect for you… Someone else probably would not care. And just talk about their own faith. Which is fine … it would be their story nothing personal to anyone.


What you can do is trying to do is incorporate your faith in my faith when I write something. So, my like you do when I talk about my faith I want you to think about it in your faith. What I mean to say is I talk about mine and how does that reflect in relate to yours. You can write that in the comment section.


I’d like you to work on your faith (if you would like if not that is ok)  when you see me work on my faith I hope that you are inspire. …  I got stronger in my faith during my sicknesses and illnesses. It grows more every day. I am trying to get stronger in that faith all the time.


All the wisdom religions of the world; Hindu, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam. Sorry this is all I have for now that I know about another’s many more but these are the top religions that I know of. I believe … let me know… I believe we all have prayer beads and mine are rosary beads.


My point is I’m just trying to share my faith and have your faith being shared with me thru my memoir writings. And I did say that if you want to share yours with me. We may not always agree or like it or whatever but I have to say I need to write my memoir. Also, if you need an explanation of something I would be glad to or another reader may like to jump in to answer and we can have a nice chat.

Blessings all my great readers, followers and such.

God is paradise. We are His to soar in His grace and mercy.

God love you!!!

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  1. what a beautiful post! although my main theology blog slowly has evolved into being more about me than it was at the beginning, it’s not quite a memoir yet—maybe later? hugs!

    • yes thank you for your support you are always so good to me. you can change your direction anytime. Iknow it is not easy and may awkward but all u can do is try it. u problably will not loose anything or in the beginning there maybe a change but u will not know until you try. blessings

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