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Hello Friends,

Table contents (TOC), memoir in life stories

quote R&R blog writing a memoir worth struggle best pic

turning points at chapters

this is a work in progress (WIP)

As I mentioned this is a work in progress (WIP).  It will be updated several times for all to benefit. The table of contents has some links to posts I have written (maybe linked other places also)  and more to come for your enjoyment in time.

I will publish chapbooks as I have said before and look forward to that being done. Moving along slowly but surely and thank you all for your patience, encouragement… I love blogging. I know for me it is tough with all that is going on with me… but it is a true blessing. What I am saying to have you all here coaching me on.

I feel that publishing my poetry maybe a great idea alone in a chapbook.  What do you all think? Please let me know. I really appreciate the help. Oh, yes I am in the market for and editor and or coach… and such. Know of any?  I do know a few but need to keep options open. Let know know about that too. Maybe someone here can help me.  Just asking.

Just to mention Turning Points are the times in your life you change something, meet someone that impacts you, have an epiphany, graduation, illness, faith restored or reversed, change jobs, marry, divorced, have children… moved… and so forth I am sure you understand.





1 intro to life story

2 hospitalization

3 living at a rehabilitation Center/senior center

4 independent living Center

5 another hellhole to live in roommate from hell

6 move back to Cambridge Massachusetts

7 lived in a storage dump YWCA mice infested (great women though- neighbors)

8 find housing

9 moved adjustments

10 started memoir (life stories)

11 finding tech knowledge he help to be able to write my story

12 more strokes/homebound

13 knew I would be homebound… On the computer… Got a new TV…

14 started a blog

15 took a creative writing class CWN

16 research ugh! EI environmental illness, aphasia, little by little

17 got personal care attendant program (PCA)

18 people neglected me

19 took more class CWN

20 found the website on chronic illness

21 found  iCatholic

22 was lost neglected blog need to do a blog

22 car accident

23 loss full-time PCA

24 communication

25 need advocates

26 start up old blog, get new blog, social media twitter… Facebook fan page

27 stress induced strokes

28 housing problems

29 moved to new place

30 getting used to living with somebody else

31 April poetry month

32 prayers, faith, thoughts  A,  B,  C,  D,  E,  F,   G,

Prayers and blessings to you and yours.

God Love You!!!

God is paradise. We are His to soar in His grace and mercy.
God is paradise. We are His to soar in His grace and mercy.

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