Lord hear me I am poor the world tells me so I know you hear me

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I know I am a sinner but I watch out

 It will not sit with con artists, nor with pretenders

I do not want to mingle with these types

 In fear I may catch what they have.

 I know you came for us sinners

 I am sick physically and emotionally

eyes filled up, sweaty top lip

Lord gives me strength in my weaknesses

People say no

I know in my weaknesses Lord comforts me in that I have more strength.

I need refuge in the Lord

 God you take hold of my right hand

 While the other hand is confused

I want to take refuge in the Lord only not to be strayed away it is so easy

 In this wicked generation.

Alleluia! To have peace of my body every pour of my being

 peace Lord peace!

As poor as I am in this world. I am being released all bodily needs… Pain that I have… I trust in the Lord whom shall I fear?

 I take refuge in the Lord

The agony I feel if I was ever without You oh! what would I do

Night after night I have cried out

 Lord Lord help me the pain-the unpleasant thoughts-neurological residuals haunts, not nice people, abandonment, anger… Save me this goes on… then peace shown to me through my tears and my anguish that are tears of joy.

 a peace comes over me

I knew the Lord and all his holy ones would help me

The Lord has given me many gifts

All my spiritual friends that love me being with me no matter what happens

They are always here. At times my enemies who say they are my friends come keeping in try to

 disguise themselves as love, compassion, and joy … when they are our fears and self-doubts.

 Telling me I am lonely, too much pain, they try to shatter dreams, hopes, visions, love, sanity list goes on

But I know my Lord’s list of blessings are more than plentiful—love, peace, wisdom, sunsets, sunrises,

 beaches, mountains so many that out way lying, deceit, trickery, negativity.

Be strong stand my ground

Trust and wait

Courageous I will be—I know God is a part of me. I live, move and have my being in God.

I await at times.

I focus on the good that does not feel good by the trickery no trick absorbed here absorbs—I know God is good and this brings me hope.

 Joy is found and the light is always here and it gets better. Godly repetitions thoughts are helpful so my mind understands God is at work always.

Focus only on Him.

I am rich in God’s love abound.

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