Going along Faith Blossoms

I would like to thank you all for your patience and support. I greatly appreciate it.


Not only am I recuperating still far from my from my major setback of the stressed induced strokes but, I have also move to my brother’s house. Great!!! Ugh, moves are tough although he did 98+/- of the work he was just focus and went.  He knew I needed to move very soon.  The place was not healthy for me to live in.  The “beach house” as we call it is very nice I have to say. Is blessing for me.  I did a lot of recouperation and getting use to new envirionment even though it is better for me.   I’ll write more about that later. I need to build up my stamina, immunity and such…. I still have stroke residuals.


Any persons whoever had a chronic illness can understand what I’m saying with the ups and downs and things like that is very stressful and very draining. I don’t have much support other than my brother which is great but I do need more.


So to end today’s post looking on my faith side I decided to add a poem. I think you all will enjoy. Let me know your thoughts or feedback on anything I have written here and always.


Peace be with you praying for all of you. God loves you.



COPYWRITE  ©  2013 Donna De Guglielmo

Revision ©  2015

Seed of that blooms to everlasting joy

in stages of life’s harshness that

blend smoothly as prayer time passes.

Take its precious vows of loving

one another – – charity toward each other

hoping through it all.

Patience needs a part in it — let God

lead. Sharing in thought and prayer

sorrow that we can carry in numbers.

In the healing balm of Faith.


  1. Moving is, no doubt, always difficult! I’m so glad that your beautiful faith is seeing you through yet another challenge. Hopefully, your new home will be good for your recuperation and health – thankfully, you are always home in your love for the Lord.
    Glad you shared this poem! Yes, it is a “precious vow” that we make as Christians – I wonder how often we really think about that. I know I hadn’t really thought of it that way before. Thank you for the inspiration, Donna!

    • Hi Christina thank you for your support. Yes, the move and unpacking is a chore. See neurologically it throws me everyday when i thingk i know were things are. Oops i will get there some how. YES faith is seeing me throu my challenges and it is tough trying to balance that too. But I have to perservere. My lord wants me too and he wants you and other too 🙂 keep going my friend.

      I am glad u like the ppoen and see the truth, creativety and spirituality involved in writing it. hope to hear from u soon see u on the blog. blessings

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