Getting High off Great Stuff Always

Getting High off Great Stuff

you may want to stop and think about it, but why bother. Move with it and let it flow. Love of the art. A friend said to me once Donna you just flow with life whatever comes your way you flow with it. Thought gee thanks for that great compliment. Honestly, sometimes I do not feel like that at all. But, needed to be thankful for the compliment instead of dwelling on my drudge.

For me now… Getting back into writing, blogging, photography…

I write because my faith moves me to. Donna Maria

Hitting the Publish Button High off It

I write because my faith moves me to.CLICK TO TWEETGetting back into Writing, blogging, Photography, Poetry… Need quiet…sweet smells of success of pencil to papersweet smells of success of pencil to paperCLICK TO TWEET

Speech recognition software to page

Fingers to keys watching words go across the page

Having faith

Hitting publish button

across the World Wide Web it swims

for all to see

Feel it

Express it

Faith is flourishing in you and me

get such a high off this

you can too. Do you? Tell me.  Share I would love to hear about




Hope is invisible

nestles in the soul

Harmonizes through eternity


Blessings to you all.


God Loves you!!!

God is paradise. We are His to soar in His grace and mercy.




  1. I enjoy blogging because I like researching and writing positive thought and focus posts.

    As it turns out there are readers who connect with the variety of perspectives I share. If they don’t I’m happy to engage in friendly debate. We learn and grow together.

    Pushing the PUBLISH button is interesting. I want to get a post to the eyes, ears, and hearts of readers as long as it is my best work. Plus I can finally breathe!

    What’s the saying: “Faith Without Works is Dead.”

    • thank you Sparky for your input and support. Yes, communication is so important. I just love blogging. did you know? 🙂 yes “faith without Works is Dead”. well, I cannot physically do much for others so my blogging and other things I do here I hope helps and reaches out there. Cannot kee my faith inside need to share it right? !!! blessings

  2. Hi Donna, thanks for dropping by my blog from Janice’s meet and greet. Lovely to link up and I gather you’ve had a break from blogging judging by the above comments. Sometimes downtime charges up the internal batteries and makes things fresh again. Speaking of which, this year my posting rate has dropped a bit. It’s allowed me to blog wander and catch up with those I follow more. Time and all that. Can’t do everything!

    • HI Gary, thanks for the visit and support here 🙂 Janice’s is great. You said it well thank you downtime that is how I am going to look at it. I too took that time to visit and read other blogs and learn great things. You are right again we cannot do everything. Look forward to seeing you again in the blogosphere oh follow me and I am going to follow you. hey ya bloggers need each other. 🙂 blessings happy blogging

  3. Hi Donna,
    That’s where I’ll like to be in life, flowing with it instead of against it.
    Hopefully this will brings me into a new life and I feel like a child again…not a care in the world.

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