Agony in my garden but, faith is prevailing

SORRY FOR WAIT – long haul – But getting better 217857_10151140524150337_2080041858_n

I wanted to touch base with you all.  Being so good that u all are with the interests and following, reading and liking my blog.  It has been a while since I have written a few things happened that were out of my control and unfortunately happen.   I can only write briefly at this point, hopes you understand.  I am sure you all will when you hear.  That last thing that happened to me.  I had other strokes from and undue hardship and stress I was under.  I am making my way back with some fear and I am scared actually this freaked me out terrribly but I am having faith it will all come together with honestly hesitation at times. But I am doing better.  So there is always hope.  Have to find out why it keeps happening and I know the culprit of the stress invader.  She stinks of nonsence evil if u you donot mind.  Horrible what they did to me.  But I know God will and is prevailing.  As I write this my faith if bursting thru me and glorifying God.   I will keep u posted and tell you more I hope and will find a way to do so.  Okay!!!

Please pray for me.

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All of you are in my prayers and hope all is going well with you and yours.  Keep in touch I would love to hear from you all.  BLESSINGS!!!

Very long story in it short form 🙂  … I will update here and there when I can thank you all for being so patient.  Okay here i go with my residuals.  Did I mention that my stroke clusters were stress induced.  It was a terrible thing what they did to me.  Hope no one goes thru that.    Sorry for the repititions.



  1. I’m so glad to hear from you! Praying for you, as always! Please take all the time that you need to rest and to heal – May God grant you deep and lasting healing.
    May the peace and strength of Christ be with you!

  2. HI ALL, hope all is well with you and yours. Thank you so much the support and prayers and that good stuff. I feel them. I appreciate all the follows at the blogs. I am feeling better. I am getting there slowly but surely see my neuro doc this week. Hope and pray all is well 🙂 I hope to write a post this week coming up or the following week. Keep in touch I would love to hear how u are all doing also. Ur in my prayers also. God is so good.

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