#Everydayinspiration Day 4 Tabernacle Tears of Hope

HI all fellow blogger and such 🙂 blessings I am blogging my memoir and hope you enjoy.

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Tabernacle tears of hope


Tears of hope curls up in my blood.


To one day be able to go there when I wish.


God is with me always, Tabernacle in my bones minor notes  haunt my heart

Sad. To not go to my practice of prayer there in that special place.


My special place in front of the tabernacle letting go of self in a special prayer someday visit more often.

Nothing I lack, my daily bread receive it spirituality



For now, I go there mentally and my thoughts of special praise to my God seeing myself there goes a long way for my mind nourishes my entire being, there is nothing I lack, desire to be there maybe desire shall distinguish

realize I am there.


Tabernacle in my mind praying for the joy and mystery of my inability to be physically there.


Joy to meditate thoughts there spiritually


Mystery of not knowing all involved.


Emotionally holding on to the good of it


Embellish mindfully in heart, so graced by You my Lord, Savior and friend.

copywrite 2016 Donna De Guglielmo

God loves you.

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