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Going forward on posts not easy at times. But I love doing it. As I have said before, but thought I would be positive mostly when I post and not talk about my symptoms. What I do is write when I can. That is why I am going to get a chapbook (a small book) together by the end of June 2016. I am determined.  Sometimes I cannot talk, write etc. About the past and hard to deal with. So I made past and the best of times I can. To produce I hope good posts for you.

Could you for me tell me what you would like to hear?  When I go through in my days: our ups and downs, progress daily; to do things of course, aggravation, frustration brain stuff, residuals are tough, I have these every day just sneaking through to do what I like.

When I say frustration brain stuff is neurological things I’m trying to wrap my brain through around and such. And it’s worse because I know how I was before my strokes than a how I am after my strokes and it’s a lot different. I am trying at times to find my way thru space. I am not better than someone or worse. But I know the struggles I have neurologically when I have frustrations. Like I cannot get into the shower. Or something else it’s simple on a daily things that in my life that can be very overstimulating to me neurologically, physically, emotionally etc.

People see me sometimes and make a comment like well Donna you hold your own. Whatever that means. What does that mean does anyone know? That’s frustrating because what do you mean” I hold my own”? This is silly to me. Maybe someone is trying to be feel good when I want to say maybe but exactly I feel worse. Because not really get to know me. They’re not taking time to get to know me I feel as if they did they would take time to talk to me. Not talk at me. Say something real to the person, what is it that you need, and how would you feel when that happens, do want to talk about it, are very simple questions very easy the people do not want to hear the answers. That’s what I’ve experience. Sit down and really listen to the person. Clearly and try to understand where the other person is coming from what you think you understand it not the same as the person who needs to be understood. How would you all feel? The old adage “put yourself in that persons shoes” instead of assuming all the time.  I do not like assumptive people when it comes to life stuff. This is not a sale. How cold does that feel?

I know I am a lot better not giving my energy to them. But I human and I have feelings too.  Just not losing them over senseless people.


Okay that’s my little rant for today. I hope it was positive though I was trying to do a positive rant. If that makes sense?


Blessings to all. You all in my prayers, thank you for being here.


God loves you.



  1. I appreciate the “positive rant”! Yes, people (and I am including myself) say things that don’t always make sense. Being disabled, too, many people look at me and think that they know me. But, they don’t. When they learn of my writing, my blog, they’ll say “Oh, that’s good, something to keep her busy.” Really? I don’t need anything to keep me busy, I am far too busy as it is! And why is being “busy” some kind of good in itself? I guess people just don’t know what to say.
    Thank you for this post! Hopefully, it will help people understand that they don’t have to say something encouraging or happy, or even something sympathetic and sad, to make a person with a disability feel better. As a fellow human being, it’s really not your job to make another person “feel better” – we are called to listen to each other, to see each other, to appreciate each other, sometimes forgiving others for their shortcomings and sometimes allowing ourselves to be inspired by them.
    I appreciate you, Donna!
    Pax Christi

  2. I just came upon your pages when searching for “rosary”. I have had a mental illness disability for over thirty years and I fully believe I will be healed. I still take medication and I have also developed diabetes which I also hope to be healed of. I go to church every day and pray always. Thank-you for your positivity and God Bless you!

    • thank you so much Gerald for stopping I am praying for you I do believe in miracles and healing happen all the time. TY for reaching out. Hope to see u in the blogosphere. blessings

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